• Research Data Management

    for Materials Science, Engineering

    Physics and Chemistry

  • Track Your Samples

    Quick access to synthesis, characterization and analysis data.

    Normalize Formats

    ScienceDesk is the only scientific data management system (SDMS) designed to read the formats that are common in material sciences: Origin, Igor Pro, Matlab, Excel, VAMAS, PPMS, Bruker, STOE, and others.

    Track Your Samples

    Sample Management

    Collect all data, create templates, tables and reports for your samples. Keep materials organized and track the samples' history.

    Describe Your Experiments

    Smart Electronic Lab Notebooks

    Describe your experimental data, using the smart electronic lab notebook with instant visualization, messaging and built-in data analysis. Less tools, a cleaner workspace.

    Data Management Plan

    Add ScienceDesk to your data management plan to guarantee that all data is available in an open format. ScienceDesk collects the relevant information during the project to create the metadata for data reuse and archiving.

    Get new insights from old data

    ScienceDesk can process your files for you to find numeric fields and mathematical patterns. You can combine queries and visualize results quickly.